Nautical Birdhouse-Buoy Style!


Okay first of all I am back after an extended vacation! Secondly I started perusing again and came across these FANTASTIC bird houses that are made out of Maine cedar..which is actually harvested from one of our native Maine farms! LOVE that! Keeping things local-Maine style! 🙂

The local Maine company that makes these lovely bird houses is “LobsterBuoyBirdhouse.” They are located right in Bowdoinham Maine. They even make customized bird houses too! How adorable would this be for a wedding gift/anniversary gift? I thought this would be a great gift and a chance to have something nautical right in your backyard! I plan to explore more and keep posting! Cheers everyone!



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Bacon Dusted Fries!!


Okay so recently in my explorations I have come across something wonderful! Nosh restaurant right here in Portland Maine. The aroma wafting through your nasal passages upon entering their swanky kitchen/bar is enough to hypnotize you. Their food is amazing…no lie. To start off I do have to rave about two things:

A.) Bacon dusted fries!! (No need to say anything else-oh wait and they are world famous!)

B.) Juicy mouth-watering burgers with: blue cheese, fried egg, bacon, roasted garlic sauce and last but not least a “nosh” patty… oh man I am craving another one!

My taste buds are crying for another round of Nosh…which I will be rewarding myself with sometime very soon. If you are in the Portland Maine area you MUST check out Nosh. You need to do yourself a favor and try not only their fries but also one of their burgers or sandwiches. Basically you should just go to check the place out. You can thank me later! Oh and on a quick side note: Nosh was featured on “Man Vs. Food” Travel channel!

Check out the link to a video on Nosh on “IlovePortlandMaine- Youtube” –

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Nosh Kitchen Bar

551 Congress Street

Portland, Maine 04101

Second Happiest State?


I just came across a posting by one of my fellow Mainer’s about an article stating that “Maine is the second happiest state.” Of course no surprise that Hawaii is first. Apparently the study analyzed tweets by “geotagging” them? Thought this was pretty interesting! The article is located on:


Let me know what you think? Does this study seem to be skewed or misrepresented?



Want to know one of the coolest galleries to stop by in Maine?? Well look no further! Abacus gallery is the place to go! Not only do they have many beautiful home goods to choose from but they have our local artist Dana Heacock’s artwork as well! If you haven’t heard of either Abacus or Dana Heacock…you have been missing out. Abacus is by far one of my favorite stores that I absolutely have to go into every time I am around one of their locations! They offer high end jewelery with beautiful designs, one of a kind artwork and art pieces with a modern flare, as well as many other items that are ALL appealing to the eye. It seems as though each item in their store are guaranteed to strike up a conversation. Check out Abacus here:

Quick note: Dana Heacock has developed and designed fabulous artwork with a focus of life living in Maine. You MUST check out his work!

So if you are in Maine, you must stop by a local Abacus store! Check out their website to find one of the multiple locations in Maine that just might be near your next destination.

Dana Heacock Image


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Maine Coast Inspired Beads


How perfect is this bead for your charm bracelet?! This bead is actually made out of a Maine beach stone by a local artist from Saco, Maine: “Simply Maine Sea Glass” on  How perfect! I just love when there is a natural element incorporated into artwork. So if your significant other is frantic and has no idea what to get you for Valentine’s Day, why not mention one (or a few) of these beauties to add to your bracelet?! What is even more perfect is that she (Melissa Yunke) also makes beads out of Maine sea glass!!


How beautiful of a bracelet would a combination of Maine sea glass and stones be to your collection? You can now take a piece of the Maine Coast with you! Can’t you just hear the waves and sea gulls?

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*Check out her website! She not only makes beads but also makes many other fantastic items!

Burritos Galore!!


As I sit down thinking about what to have for dinner tonight, one of my favorite places popped into my head. Bruce’s Burritos in Yarmouth, ME. They are also featured on for one of the best travel destinations for local Mexican Cuisine:


Oh and these aren’t just any regular burritos. They are downright the best burritos…dare I say it… you will find in Maine! Actually probably better than many of the states surrounding us too but hey don’t believe me? Go find out for yourself! As soon as you enter the place is hopping! They are absolutely a local favorite and you can tell by the line the comes out the door…but don’t worry you wont stand for long at all because they are wicked fast! Plus once you get a whiff of the aroma of their magical burritos you won’t turn back. As soon as you get to the counter you can see them working away on burritos in their hot chili pepper pants taking great care of your precious bundle on the way, expertly folding it and sealing with love. Okay you guessed it… I am in love with their burritos. Plus when they have tons of choices to choose from you are sure to find your fix! They also have a daily special bulletin which they post on their facebook page so be sure to follow them! 424510_10151401170570552_397606197_n They are located right on 438 U.S. Route 1 Yarmouth, Maine 04096 so if you are in the area and want to get your hands on their delicious burritos..check them out!


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Play time!


Blizzard Nemo has finally come to stay for a little while here in Maine and what better way to spend the day then to run in the snow?! Here are some pictures of my puppy dog Abby LOVING this new snowfall we have upon us. These are too good not to share!


A few more….

SAM_0384 SAM_0401

It’s the little things that make me so happy!

SAM_0311….someones cold nose.


These must be what they call “dog days.”


Pure bliss.SAM_0339 Have a safe and warm weekend everyone!

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Not talking about Dairy Queen….although that would be nice right now. What I am talking about is the “historic blizzard” Maine is supposedly about to see starting tomorrow. Some are reporting possibly two or more feet. What I do know is that the grocery stores are going to be mobbed until they close tonight. Everyone scrambles to get the necessities: flashlights, batteries, canned goods, distilled water, etc.


However what I am most excited for is fresh powder to go snowshoeing! I’m hoping it will look like a winter wonderland. I will keep updating (that is if I have power!) and hopefully be able to get a few pictures of this soon to be whiteout! Good thing I have my flannels and my bean boots!  One thing I do love is hearing the sound of snow plows working through the night and my oil lanterns burning with a soft light dancing on my walls…something comforting about that.


Maine is so beautiful in the winter! Stay warm everyone!

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Sushi Time


Ever wonder if Maine has good sushi?…Well good thing I can answer this first hand because the answer is YES! I just recently went to Benkay Japanese Restaurant which is one of my favorite spots to go to for sushi in Portland, Maine. Oh and just to name drop, both Chef Anthony Borudine and Chef Eric Perit visited Benkay in November 2011. The food is delish [understatement] and what is not to love about being in the heart of Portland! So if you are in the area and you are craving sushi….it is a MUST that you stop at Benkay! Located at: 2 India St., Portland, ME. My stomach is still smiling from my last visit!

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Nautical Bracelets!


I just came across these beautiful nautical bracelets made right here in Maine! They are made out of marine rope and come in many different colors as well as the artist makes them into key chains too! I’m officially obsessed with these! il_570xN.399336635_jb05

I found these fantastic bracelets on, you guessed it,!

The shops name is “SplendidMaine” and the website is:

So if you feel you are in need of a nautical addition to your wardrobe…these will sure be the perfect fit!

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